Archive: September, 2011

French Success

Back in January myself and a few friends had discussed the possibility of organising a trip to France to fish for carp. With all 4 of us being river anglers our PB’s were all quite modest being in the low to mid ‘20’ range giving us plenty of room for improvement.  With my 30th birthday […]

At the Double

For as long as I can remember my local rivers have experienced a summer flood of some description. Whether it’s been 2 or 3 feet of rain water or a full on bank bursting flood there has, at some point been extra water in the rivers…………….until this year that is. This has obviously had a […]

Less is More

    I’m as guilty as most anglers when it comes to taking everything but the kitchen sink fishing (sometimes taking that on an overnighter). Due to work, home and sponsorship commitments my time on the bank has been more limited than in recent seasons meaning I have had to adjust my approach accordingly. I’m […]

Big River Barbel Fishing

Big river barbeling can be a very daunting prospect but with careful planning and preparation the rewards can be staggering. What can we define as a big river? For me the three that really stand out are The Tidal Trent, Severn and Thames. All 3 rivers are big, deep, wide and very powerful with the […]

Maggot Fishing

It’s the summer of 1991 and as a 10 year old my dad had decided to take me fishing on the middle Severn. We were to be based in Bewdley to fish for a species I had only heard tales about, the barbel. It was with much excitement and enthusiasm that my dad taught me […]