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2016/17 Season-A brief review

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a blog entry for quite some time now but for one reason and another the months have passed me by and I have found myself busy doing other things. The 2016/17 river season was a very start-stop affair for me with my fishing being severely curtailed in […]

River Fishing in France at Kingfisher Maison

    There is loads of great fishing here in the UK but for a week or 2 each year I like to cross the channel and chance my arm with some fishing in mainland Europe. Whether it’s piking in Holland, catting in Spain or carping in France I always enjoy it and look forward […]

Chopping and Changing

When Coarse Angling Today magazine announced it would no longer be running as a publication I made a mental note not to allow the fact I no longer had magazine deadlines to meet stop me from writing regularly. Prior to this I had been writing articles and blogs almost monthly for the best part of […]

River Piking, a Great Start to 2016

If you’re a river a river predator angler, the last few months have been pretty awful. With nothing but dirty brown floodwater for what seems like an eternity filling our running waters the opportunities to do some pike fishing have been limited to say the least. We have floods every year but I can’t remember […]

It’s been a While……………………..

  It’s been a few years since I was regularly writing and uploading blogs onto these pages. I’ve had the odd technical article or guest piece but realistically nowhere near enough content to hold any interest or make having a website worthwhile. The main reason I ceased to write a regular blog was due to […]

Paul Garner Q & A

Scratching the Surface is an autobiography documenting Paul’s life long lover with water  and the fish that lurk beneath it’s surface. Covering his childhood angling, his life in academia and extensive career in the fishing industry and of course many tales of truly outstanding captures it’s great read for anglers of all disciplines and really […]

Winter barbel Part 3 – Floodwater Fishing

Homework and Preparation It’s just as important to spend time on the banks in low water conditions as it is in high water to prepare yourself and learn the river. Areas in normal conditions that are only 12 inches deep and contain no fish can soon become a feeding ground with several feet of coloured […]

Winter barbel Part 2 – Bait, Application and Rigs

We are now rapidly leaving the summer behind. Greens will be turning to golds, browns and oranges and the nights will be gradually getting longer. What does this mean for the nations barbel angler among us? Well we certainly need to start thinking about what bait we are using and more importantly how it’s being […]

Winter barbel Part 1- When To Go

Barbel fishing throughout the winter months can be a very hit and miss affair. Get it right and fish when conditions are great then the results can be spectacular but if the conditions are poor (which is the case more often than not) then unless you put your hookbait on the nose of a barbel […]

Carp on the Surface

Surface fishing for carp, on its day it can be the most productive, frustrating, rewarding and exciting form of fishing we can do. Whether targeting a big shoal of fish that have been whipped into a feeding frenzy by careful and constant baiting or identifying a lone fish of specimen size, surface fishing is a […]