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The Hat-Trick

Arrrggghhhh what’s wrong with me? 6, yes 6 weeks I’ve been trying to write this blog and every time I’ve sat down in front of the computer my minds gone blank. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got plenty of material to write about it’s just finding the right words at the right time. Well I’m […]

It’s Showtime

I’ve certainly not been idle since my last blog entry with my fair share of fish crossing the net cord in the last few weeks. Unfortunately all of them were for the camera’s and therefore you’ll have to wait for the August editions of Total Coarse Fishing and Coarse Angling Today magazines to see what […]

Chequebook and Pen? Oh go on then!

Warning! If you like reading blogs that are all about fish captures and winning methods then look away now. In all honesty and to be quite frank, I caught absolutely nothing in February, I didn’t even muster a single bite to my well thought out and presented offerings. From a personal point of view the […]