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Smartphones are great and have revolutionised how we contact one another. Whether calling someone or using social networking most modern smartphones have it all, not to mention endless lists of apps, music, video, movies and so on. This is all great apart from one huge flaw, as soon as you start to use any of the mentioned things the battery dies in no time whatsoever. Add to that being an angler and spending a lot of time in the middle of nowhere the battery life is even shorter as the more a device searches for signal the more battery power is used. This can be very frustrating and leads many people to take an old style mobile with them as back up for once the modern one has died.

I had been searching for a while for the right portable charger but being a bit of a technophobe I didn’t have a clue what to look for. Thankfully a quick status update on Facebook saw me inundated with suggestions. One brand kept coming up time and again, TeckNet. I did a quick google search and found Amazon to be the best place for purchasing said device.

There were only 2 real requirements I was looking for, it had to fit in my camera bag or a pocket on my rucksack easily and give me plenty of phone charges for when doing more than a day session.

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say;

Nothing is more annoying,as noted at the end of the day that your device does not work because the battery is empty.TeckNet iEP1300 Power Bank is here to supply quick charging for USB-chargeable devices such as smart phones, tablets,and much more

TeckNet iEP1300 Power Bank is made with the quality. Samsung Grade A battery cell with the highest quality interior chips and 81% charging efficiency will exceed your expectations


86% charging efficiency: Energy efficiency rate 10% above than other Brand batteries. Constructed using Premium Samsung Grade A cells and premium microchips to ensure the highest quality

Huge capacity (13000mAh) delivers 9+ charges to most smartphones or an 88% charge to an iPad 3 / 4.

Super-fast charge output (5V / 3.1A total) through dual USB ports (5V / 2.1A and 5V / 1A) allow for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android, and more at high speed. With a charge input of 5V / 1.5A, use a 1.5A adapter (not included) for fastest charging (6.5 hours).

4 LED indicators reveal the battery level; Built-in flashlight for dark or low-light environments.

With Smart USB port, it can detect USB pin signals to identify your device – whether Apple, Android, or even the Samsung Galaxy Tab – and charge it at full speed


Apple:iPhone(all), iPad(all), iPad Mini(all),iPod Touch and more(Use with your original Apple Lightning cable)

Samsung:Samsung Galaxy S4 S3,Galaxy Note 3/2…

Google: Nexus 7,Nexus 10

HTC:HTC One,S,V,Sensation XE XL,First,EVO,Radar 4G, Inspire 4G,Vivid 4G,Wildfire S,Rezound,Desire,Windows Phone 8X…

Nokia:Lumia 920,720,620,520

Sony:Sony Xperia J,ony Xperia Z,Sony Xperia P…

Blackberry: Blackberry Z10 Q10,Bold,Tour,Touch,Storm

Motorola:Motorola X, Droid Razr Maxx Bionic,Triumph….

LG:Nexus 4,Encore,Optimus 4X, 2X,V,S,T,3D,7,G Pro,L9, Motion 4G…

Package Included:

1 X iEP1300 Power Bank:

1 X USB Cable

1 X Manual

3 X Adapter (Apple 30 Pin, Mini, PSP)


I took the plunge and ordered one for the princely sum of £23.99 (inc P&P). Arriving 2 days later I was keen to see exactly what I’d bought. The device is pleasantly small and compact (slightly bigger than an Iphone 4s and about twice as thick).  It doesn’t come with a 3 pin plug to charge it just a USB cable so a laptop, computer or similar device is required to charge it up. There are 4 small blue LED lights which indicate how full the charge is and when all 4 are lit the charge is finished. With 1 mini USB output and 2 regular, a USB cable, torch, automatic shutdown when it’s not plugged in and several adaptors for different devices it comes well equipped.

So how did it perform in use? I was due to do a 48 hour session on the bank and where normally my phone would be dead within about 8 hours the TeckNet charger kept my phone charged for the whole period and still had life in it upon returning home. I watched a 2 hour long movie, used my phone for Facebook, took pictures, made and received a number of phonecalls/text messages and used the gaming apps. In total I’d say it gave me 5 full charges over the 2 day period and still had power in reserve should I have needed it.

Would I recommend it? Yes definitely, it’s the ideal bit of kit for the session angler whose looking for something small and compact to charge a smartphone or tablet device.

All pictures and ordering details can be pound in the below link.

TeckNet Portable Charger


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